This man made a female Tinder profile to see the awful things women have to put up with

Online dating must be handled with care. It can sometimes be aking to tip-toeing through a mine field, but unfortunately no matter how much care is taken, women can find themselves the unlucky recipients of disturbing messages.

Sy Thomas, a British comedian, took the saying 'take a walk in their shoes' to a whole new level when he transformed himself into a woman called Simone and created a Tinder account.

I am a single man growing increasingly frustrated with online dating- it got me thinking: what if I was a woman? Maybe I’d learn techniques from the men who are trying to woo me.

Let the hilarity commence.

1. Step 1: Get a makeover

First he has to enhance...certain parts of his anatomy...

Sy decides Simone needs a mane of long, dark hair...

Can't forget the bright pink lipstick...


2. Step two: Create a profile:

Then comes the selfies...

3. Step three: wait for the responses

Oh dear, the responses...

Do you like Harry Potter?

If so you should open up your Chamber of Secrets and let my Basilisk Slytherin.

Hear that? It's the collective weeping of Harry Potter fans all over the world.

If you were a washing machine, I'd put my dirty load inside you."

There are no words.

Are you a cigarette? Because you're smoking hot and I want to put your butt in my mouth.

It started off so well, and then it descended into filth.

While there were a few decent ones, in which Simone was told she was varying degrees of 'beautiful', the dirty messages far outweighed the nice ones.

What were his thoughts?

A lot of these opening messages, you'd never say that to someone in a bar. The best messages are the ones that are genuine.

The results are in, and it isn't far-fetched at all: be genuine, and the chances are, you'll meet genuine people.

And if all else fails?

I think we have be know about each other sweetheart. Wanna be drink of wine with me

Cease grammar altogether.

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