'This you?' – the most brutal clapbacks from a week of social media accountability

Sanjana Varghese
Friday 05 June 2020 14:30

As protests around the US started to reach more cities in the last week, brands, corporations, and companies of all kinds – from fast food to higher education – put out statements on social media.

Some reaffirmed their commitment to diversity, while others went further and pledged to donate money.

But some people on Twitter saw that these statements were often at odds with the alleged behaviour of those making them

So, they started to reply with receipts.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most brutal replies from a week of online accountability.

1. London School of Economics

2. Oxford University

3. Amazon

4. Caitlin Moran

5. Youtube

6. Kamala Harris

7. Laura Ingraham

8. The Metropolitan Police

9. NFL

10. Katie Hopkins

If you want to read more about the phenomenon, this VICE article by Jumi Akinfenwa lays out exactly why this trend has taken off.

To be honest, we're low-key obsessed.

Oh, and P.S: Black Lives Matter!