Londoners still furious over Thor 2's plot mistake on tube

Londoners still furious over Thor 2's plot mistake on tube

Come on Hollywood, your London geography is terrible.

Thor: The Dark World has been out for a few years, but London residents still can’t get over Hollywood’s disappointing London Underground scene.

Let’s review: Thor (the statuesque Christopher Hemsworth) gets transported to Charring Cross tube station following his beef with Malekith.

With his trademark baffled expression, the Asgardian prince asks a commuter for directions to Greenwich. Simple enough.

No. No, it’s not simple – not for Hollywood – and what follows is anarchy.

The woman on the train gives him a once over before informing him that it’s three stops away. From Charring Cross station.


Greenwich is most certainly not three stops from Charring Cross station.

Comedian Technically Ron was so outraged he rewrote the scene.

Really, the woman is giving you incorrect directions, Thor.

And his tweet reignited the rage in people.


Also, it was probably rush hour - where's the armpits in faces? The breathing through the nose? The squashed against the doors?

Do better, Hollywood.

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