TikTok trend sees teens hilariously parody Republicans
TikTok / Zorbeez

In yet another creative move by Gen-Z on TikTok, a new trend sees users ridiculing the GOP by dressing up as their Republican alter-egos.

TikTok has only grown in popularity and has particularly boomed during the coronavirus pandemic. The platform’s predominantly Gen-Z users are the source of countless viral trends that blend creativity and humour.

This newest trend is no different as it takes aim at Republicans who are known for their highly conservative views.

It sees liberal users transform themselves with makeup and clothing into their “Republican-sonas”.

Makeup looks are inspired by the type of people and anchors frequently seen on conservative news channels such as Fox News. Notable features include pale foundation, bronzer, lots of mascara and big blonde hair.

The transformations are soundtracked by country singer RaeLynn’s song "God Made Girls" which includes the suitably conservative lyrics: “Somebody’s gotta wear a pretty skirt. Somebody’s gotta be the one to flirt. Somebody’s gotta wanna hold his hand. So God made girls.

One user captioned their transformation video, “Hi my name is shayna and my dad is a cop 🥸”, further adding to the authenticity of the challenge.

Some conservative-leaning users attempted to co-opt the challenge and reverse it, transforming themselves into liberals. But, they found it backfired as other users told them they looked better that way.

It’s not the first time young people have taken to TikTok to troll Republicans.

Most famously in June 2020 they apparently bought thousands of tickets to Trump’s Tulsa rally with the intention of not showing up and making the former president be faced with his worst nightmare: an empty stadium.

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