Woman hilariously crashes through ceiling while her daughter films viral video
Tiktok / Liz San Millan

If you’re making a video on TikTok, you probably don't want your parents interrupting while you’re trying to go viral.

Liz San Millan, who was making a TikTok as part of the "Freeze Frame Challenge", was singing to the camera.

She was rehearsing for Heathers: the Musical, which she’s auditioning for – but she was at her parents' house, preparing to move back to New York City.

Then, 10 seconds later, there’s a loud burst and her mum’s leg can be seen hanging out of a hole in the roof of Liz’s room.

Liz explained there’s an attic that her mom was in to try and find a suitcase– and that rather than stepping on the beams like she was supposed to, she must have missed.

But don't worry, her mom is fine – despite what looks like a painful fall.

"She was shocked at first, which is why she didn’t make any noise or move around, but she is completely fine! Not even a scratch," Liz said in an email to Buzzfeed News.

Liz also said her mom didn’t seem to mind her inadvertent fame.

She added, “My mom has absolutely loved reading the comments and watching the duets."

Watch the video.

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