Tom Watson just ran through 'a field of wheat' and the internet can't get enough

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done? Oh go on, be a devil, spill the beans...

Well, apparently, the naughtiest thing Theresa May has ever done is erm, well, run through some fields of wheat. Yep, you heard that correctly.

Here's the whole glorious interview in full. Just soak it up:

Since that momentous scoop was revealed in June 2017, the internet has run wild with memes mocking the prime minister's favourite kink.

Now, it's deputy leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson's turn.

Taking to Twitter, he shared a picture of himself in what appears to be a field of wheat.

He just couldn't resist, could he.

You cheeky devil! He was also keen to show that he didn't destroy any farmer's crop and kept to the footpath.

Obviously, many Twitter users congratulated him on the year-late 'sick burn'.

Some added a soundtrack.

When others asked how it felt, Tom didn't hold back.

Some pointed out that actually, that's not wheat.

Tom happily accepted offers to learn more about arable farming.

Oh, how very naughty!

Well, we can't blame him. Those fields of gold are. Just. So. Tempting.

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