Tory activist considers defecting to rival party Change UK midway through campaigning

Tory activist considers defecting to rival party Change UK midway through campaigning

In 'it's so good it seems to be from a TV script' news, a Tory campaigner has been filmed discussing defecting to Change UK while he's actually out on the streets canvassing for the European elections.

Yes, you couldn't make it up.

While out canvassing and proudly wearing his bright blue rosette, while talking with a reporter from Channel 4 News, the campaigner says that the people feel 'betrayed' by the way the government has handled Brexit.

This isn't just Conservatives, this is all voters from all parties [who feel betrayed].

Maybe that's where a new party comes along, the new Change party. 

In shock, she replies:

Are you going to join them?

That's when he drops the bombshell.

It has crossed the mind.

She says:

Really? Your mind?


Yes, my mind.


You're thinking about joining Change UK?


I'm looking at it objectively from a distance and wondering what to do about it, because my party might have left me behind in that sense. 

I'm still here doing what I'm doing, but the party seems to have gone over there. 


So you're walking around with that blue rosette, asking people to vote Tory, and you're telling me that you might now jump ship?


In the back of my mind that is a niggling doubt I've got, yes.

There you have it. No, it's not the script of a satirical political TV show or drama production by Armando Iannucci, it's actually a real back-and-forth that actually happened.

Many social media users thought it was the funniest thing they'd ever seen.

While others called on him to just make the leap.

Some just thought it was all a bit weird.

And one summed it up.

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