There's nothing that Twitter likes more than calling out a hypocrite - and that's exactly what happened when this anti-immigration author started making statements about how governments should treat uncontacted tribes.

Taking to Twitter, writer Matt Walsh said:

The whole 'uncontacted tribe"'thing is bizarre.

Governments are basically preserving human beings like museum exhibits.

Don't these people have a right to know that modern society exists?

Do you think they really enjoy dying of diseases we can cure with antibiotics?

He then added:

By not contacting primitive tribes, we are deciding for them that they're better off without: air conditioning, modern medicine, refrigeration, electricity, telephones, toothpaste, shoes, eyeglasses, etc.

Would any of us like to live without those things?

But here, dear readers, is where the hypocrisy takes hold. In previous blog posts, Walsh has been vocal in his condemnation of illigal immigration - which is exactly what he's vouching for in the above tweets.

People were quick to call him out.

One pointed out that the Sentinelese tribe have always made their preference pretty clear when it comes to white people making contact.

Another called out his 'ethnocentrism'.

One called out his 'uneducated' position.

And another highlighted his full-blown hypocrisy.

Another provided the eye roll so that we didn't have to.

HT Bored Panda

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