British woman living in France complains about immigrants without a sense of irony

Getty Images/iStockphoto/ Twitter

Another day, another failure from a British ex-pat complaining about immigration.

This one comes courtesy of a woman named Karen Watson who appears to live in Pays de la Loire, in western France.

In a now-deleted tweet, Watson allegedly complained about an influx of immigrants to the area of France where she lives, and suggests it may have led to a recent sexual assault.

The tweet has since been captured by other Twitter users who criticised her blatant ignorance and failure to recognise that she is also technically an immigrant to France.

Watson's Twitter name makes a clear reference to the far-right activist Tommy Robinson, with many other tweets spouting an anti-EU rhetoric.

Further investigation shows that she was replying to a tweet about Muslim birthrates from the account @caolmid, which often promotes Islamophobia.

Watson's tweet has since gone viral, with many people admonishing her as a prime example of British ignorance.

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