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A pro-Trump activist is urging parents to lock their children's bank accounts to prevent them from donating to Bernie Sanders' campaign to become president.

Amy Kremer is a conservative activist who has links to the Tea Party movement and is the chair of Women for America First (a Trump-supporting organisation) and the co-founder for Women for Trump.

With the 2020 election just over the horizon, she is already in campaign mode and clearly doesn't want the president to face Bernie Sanders in the race.

In a tweet that she posted on Friday, Kremer called on parents to 'lock down' their children's bank accounts over fears that they might respond to one of Sanders' requests for a small donation of money.

According to her, Sanders has been emailing the younger offspring of Trump supporters, asking for just $2.70 towards his campaign, which is obviously an unthinkable atrocity, especially after her best friend caught her son committing such an act against the POTUS.

Kremer then shared another screenshot of an email sent by the Sanders team on Friday asking for the same amount of money 'in the name of fairness.'

As you can imagine, this tweet has backfired on Kremer, with many people explaining to her that this is exactly why younger voters are turning to candidates like Sanders, with many adding that they have chosen to increase their donations to Sanders after seeing her tweet.

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