The difference between Trump and Biden in two photos

James Besanvalle
Wednesday 04 November 2020 15:00

When you think about Donald Trump, his thoughtfulness isn’t usually the first thing to come to mind.

And it’s perhaps most obvious when he blatantly places the needs of himself over others – like the simple act of holding an umbrella.

When the POTUS visited Florida after Hurricane Michael in 2018, many criticised his “selfishness” in not making sure to shield his wife Melania from the rain.

It wasn’t just one photo, either:


Or here:


And also here:


But it’s not the first time he’s done it and it probably won’t be the last:

Now let’s compare it to Joe Biden.

Just last week, Biden arrived at a Delaware airport to board a plane with his granddaughter Natalie Biden.

And guess where the umbrella was? Perched nicely over her so she doesn’t get wet:


And this:


A similar comparison was made in 2016 when Trump didn’t hold an umbrella over Florida attorney general Pam Bondi:

What a difference.