Trump's campaign team sent an email to a CNN host thanking him for being a 'top supporter'

Michael Loccisano/Alex Wong/Getty Images/

Out of all the so-called 'fake news' media outlets that Trump hates, CNN is undoubtedly at the top of his list.

The president and his administration have gone as far as to share doctored footage of a CNN reporter in order to ban them from the White House.

This feeling is mutual as CNN is unreserved in its criticism of the president, with the most notable recent incident seeing anchor Don Lemon directly addressing Trump and asking him why he is so obsessed with Barack Obama?

Chris Cuomo, who is also the brother of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, is another prominent CNN anchor who was perhaps surprised to see an email arrive in his inbox from the president on Tuesday morning giving him an 'A+' and calling him a 'top supporter' of Trump.

It appears that Cuomo has been invited onto something called the 'presidential honor roll' which by the sounds of a report from Raw Story is nothing more than a fundraising scheme, which both Republicans and Democrats who are usually on this kind of blanket email lists.

However, the wording of this email which praised a CNN host for being a supporter of the president tickled some.

If Trump is giving out an A+ score to one of his biggest critics, we can only imagine what type of praise he is heaping on some of his closest aides...

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