These resurfaced tweets from Trump supporters about rioters have aged very badly
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Donald Trump supporters have been called out for exposing their own hypocrisy after a mob stormed the US Capitol yesterday.

Some public figures’ old tweets have resurfaced with social media users highlighting the change and double standard in their responses.

A mob of the president’s supporters violently rioted at, and inside, the Capitol building after lawmakers began the process of certifying Joe Biden’s election victory and a group of Republicans objected to the Electoral College vote from Arizona.

Trump, and his high-profile supporters, have been blamed by many for “inciting” the violence that occured in Washington DC.

In response, far-right commentator Tomi Lahren said she does not support thuggery and added it was “funny to see liberals suddenly so against protesting”.

However, she had previously claimed pro-Trump voters were not going to loot or riot and that Biden’s supporters would do so if they lost the election.

Lahren had also accused Black Lives Matter protesters of “destroying your own community”.

Some people subsequently challenged her online, including Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Far-right social media personality Kaitlin Bennett, also known as "Gun Girl", was similarly called out for making false equivalences and quoting Martin Luther King Jr in reference to the pro-Trump mob.

During the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, she had advocated for Trump to sign an executive order for protestors to lose their right to vote.

People also hit back at the president’s sons when they tweeted about the violence for encouraging protests after Trump lost the election, and accused them of “fanning the flames”.

There has been no evidence to support the president’s false claims of prevalent voter fraud.

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