It looks like the cognitive test Trump keeps bragging about ‘acing’ is actually really, really easy

Passing tests is something to be very proud of, but you might want to take care when boasting about it just in case the test isn't intended to be difficult in the first place.

US president Donald Trump has been bragging about his intellect by insisting over and over again that he "aced" a test. However, the test in question doesn't even measure an individual's IQ.

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) has become a talking point yet again after NBC first reported in 2018 that the president took it as part of an annual physical.

Now, Trump found himself on Sunday repeatedly arguing with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace about the exam adding that the final five questions "get very hard”.

But according to exam instructions, the MoCA is "designed as a rapid screening instrument for mild cognitive dysfunction."

In short, the exam is in no way an IQ test. In fact, it's meant to assist trained health professionals in evaluating forms of cognitive decline such as Alzheimer's.

So “acing” it does not prove intellect, but rather that you are aren't experiencing some form of cognitive dysfunction. Someone needs to tell Trump this.

The purpose of the test did not go over the heads of some concerned Twitter users:

After being confronted about the nature of the test, Trump told Wallace that the last five questions were where things really got sticky and difficult. Wallace was not having it and continued that the test was not designed to be hard at all. In fact one of the questions just asks you to name what certain animals are in the featured pictures.

So Trump might have indeed conquered the MoCA exam, but it doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.

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