Trump mercilessly mocked after being spotted with Coke bottle just days after demanding a boycott

Trump mercilessly mocked after being spotted with Coke bottle just days after demanding a boycott
Stephen Miller/ Twitter

Donald Trump has been left red-faced after a photo emerged of him with a Coca-Cola bottle on his desk, despite him calling on his followers to boycott the drinks brand.

Coca-Cola was one of a number of major organisations that voiced opposition to a new Georgia voting law, passed by the Republican-controlled legislature, which makes it illegal to food or water to voters waiting in line, reduces the number of ballot drop off boxes and also introduces new identification rules.

This effectively gives lawmakers more power over elections in the state than ever before, something which Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball objected to.

In a statement, Coca-Cola Co said that “The ultimate goal should be fair, secure elections where access to voting is broad-based and inclusive.”

Trump retaliated to this by issuing a statement to all Republicans and Conservatives to boycott the aforementioned brands and others over their attempts to speak out over what is happening in Georgia.

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He also labelled the companies ‘woke wimps’ in a tweet that has already been flagged for sharing misinformation.

However, it would appear that Trump is following the ‘one rule from them and another rule for me’ mantra, as he was recently pictured with a bottle of Coke, just days after he issued the calls for a boycott.

In a tweet shared by his former White House adviser Stephen Miller on Monday, Trump can be seen sitting at his desk in Florida, next to Miller. On the desk is a newspaper, some notebooks, what looks like a cigar case, a telephone and a piece of what is reportedly the US-Mexico border wall that was turned into a trophy and given to him in 2019.

However, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that concealed away behind the telephone was a bottle of Diet Coke, Trump’s favourite beverage, which he even had a special button for at his desk in the Oval Office.

Given what he had just said about boycotting Coke, many were happy to call out and ridicule the former POTUS for this rather embarrassing slip-up.

He also appears to have a small statue of himself in his own office.

Trump is unlikely to actually give up diet coke as it’s quite possible that his dedicated followers won’t care either as this is hardly the worst thing he’s ever done...

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