Waitress quits on the spot after customer refuses to put on a mask in a restaurant

Waitress quits on the spot after customer refuses to put on a mask in a restaurant

Dramatic footage of a woman quitting her restaurant job on the spot after a customer refused to wear a mask has gone viral.

The incident, which appears to have happened in December, according to a TikTok video, has resurfaced online after being shared on a ‘KarenReddit page.

The short clip starts out as normal as any anti-masker video that you’ve seen in the past 12 months, as the member of staff at the restaurant politely asks the woman to wear a mask only to be met with objections.

Although the man that the woman is with is wearing a mask, the woman says that she doesn’t understand why she has to wear a mask when she is only walking five feet into the venue.

She also protests because she has “just put my lipstick on” which surprisingly doesn’t swing things in her favour with the waitress who refuses to budge and eventually goes to get her manager.

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The video, which looks to have been filmed by an onlooker in the restaurant, cuts to the woman now arguing with the manager who attempts to explain why the woman has to wear a mask in his facility but keeps getting cut off.

At this point, the waitress has had it with the woman and flat decides to quit on the spot.

“It’s people like you that make it difficult for having a job”, the waitress says adding: “I don’t get paid enough to be here.”

“And it’s not fair because it’s not even my fault,” she is heard yelling while removing her cap and apron before heading to the door and yelling: “I quit. I’m sorry. Thank you, thanks a lot.”

At this point, the customer arguing against wearing the mask finally decides to cave in and put one on which is probably five minutes too late for the waitress who has just walked out on her job because of the woman.

It has not been reported where this incident took place and some comments on the video, which has now been shared across social media have speculated that it could have been staged.

That being said, it does highlight the very real problems that staff in public venues such as restaurants and supermarkets have to go through on a daily basis which members of the public who still think it is ok to go around without a mask on, despite there being a deadly pandemic going on for well over a year now.

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