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Donald Trump has refused to bow to demands to rename military bases in the United States that are named after Confederate generals from the civil war.

Reports say that military officials in the US are willing to have the names of the bases changed in light of the discussion and readdressing of history that has emerged thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Many Confederacy symbols, which represent the slaveholding states of the south, continue to be prevalent in the United States to this day with some landmarks, such as the statue of the president of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis being removed by protestors in Richmond, Virginia.

On 11 May, a statue of Davis that stood in New Orleans, Louisiana was removed following demonstrations.

In a series of tweets posted by Trump on Wednesday, the president highlighted that military bases such as Fort Bragg, Fort Hood and Fort Benning were a part of American history and represented "Winning, Victory, and Freedom."

Although Trump isn't wrong in saying that they are part of US history his use of the words 'winning, victory and freedom' is a little misguided when referring to the Confederates as they definitely didn't win the civil war.

People picked up on this are were more than happy to mock the president.

Trump was reportedly so pleased with this statement that he had it printed off and handed to every journalist during his daily press briefing, complete with random capital letters and all.

Trump's press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany later added that this issue was a 'non-starter' for the president and that he wouldn't be signing any legislation that Congress might pass about it.

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