People are pointing out every time Trump mocked others for wearing masks

People are pointing out every time Trump mocked others for wearing masks

Donald Trump's positive test for coronavirus has sent the world into a tailspin, and there are those who are not sympathetic.

From not enforcing social distancing measures at his rallies to reopening the United States way ahead of schedule, Trump hasn't set the best example throughout the pandemic.

However, perhaps the biggest thing that Trump has continuously disregarded is the need to wear a face mask around others in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

As recently as Tuesday, during his first presidential debate with Joe Biden, Trump mocked the former vice president for frequently wearing a mask in public, like we have all been advised to do.

At the same event, the entire Trump family, who were in the audience, also flaunted the rules and didn't wear face coverings.

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie also said that nobody wore a mask in the room when Trump was prepping for the debate.

This is far from the first time that Trump has shown little care for wearing a mask and poked fun at others for wearing one.

Back in May, he accused a reporter of being 'politically correct' for refusing to wear a mask when asking Trump a question during a press conference.

Back in April he said that he wouldn't be wearing a mask despite advising people to do so.

The CDC. is advising the use of nonmedical cloth face covering as an additional voluntary public health measure.

So it’s voluntary. You don’t have to do it. They suggested for a period of time, but this is voluntary. I don’t think I’m going to be doing it.

In light of the president's diagnosis, it's safe to say that people are fairly furious about the mockery and lack of respect that he has shown to others who chose to wear a face mask.

Trump has been seen wearing a mask, especially when visiting hospitals, but this in an infrequent occurrence.

Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have now gone into self-isolation with the second debate with Biden set for 15 October and the election still scheduled for 3 November.

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