Trump unveils new MAGA that he ‘personally designed’ and it has strong McDonald’s vibes

Trump unveils new MAGA that he ‘personally designed’ and it has strong McDonald’s vibes

Donald Trump has worn many hats, literally and figuratively: The business man, real estate mogul, reality TV star and twice-impeached former president of the United States can now add yet another accolade to his list — hat designer.

In a fundraising email sent to Trump supporters on Monday — addressed to “Friend,” — Trump claims to have “just designed our BRAND NEW MAGA Hat” that he really wants the person on the receiving end to have — in exchange for donations.

“You’ve always been one of my most LOYAL supporters, so I don’t want you to have just ANY hat…I want YOU to have the MAGA Hat that I personally HAND-SIGNED for YOU,” Trump continued, using a variety of typefaces and colours.

“This HAND-SIGNED MAGA Hat is truly one-of-a-kind and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of it than YOU, Friend. Please contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to win the HAND-SIGNED MAGA Hat that I personally designed,” he concludes, the last sentence of which is a link out to donate “any amount.”

As for the hat itself — it is, like its predecessor, bright red. But this time, the cap exudes a bit more of a McDonald’s mood. Instead of writing out “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” like the original, MAGA 2.0 simply says “MAGA” in gargantuan white letters outlined with very bright yellow, hence the Ronald McDonald and/or general fast food mascot vibe. Perhaps Ronald McDonald would wear if he played baseball?

The hat is available for $40 on Trumps’ website, Friend...

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