Trump revealed the 'classified' name of the dog injured in the Baghdadi raid in the strangest way
Win McNamee/Getty/Twitter/Daily Wire

Donald Trump’s love affair with the dog who helped in the raid leading to the death of Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is really picking up steam.

After claiming the name of the dog – who was allegedly injured by al-Baghdadi’s suicide vest after chasing him to the end of a tunnel – was classified information, Mr Trump has proudly revealed the canine’s name to be Conan.

He released this previously “classified” information on Twitter, of course, after earlier captioning a (very badly) photoshopped image of himself placing a paw-shaped medal of honour around Conan’s neck.

Many believed the US president was genuinely trying to convince people he had awarded the dog with a medal using a fake image.

But 10 hours later, Mr Trump thanked Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire for the image, and announced:

Very cute recreation, but the ‘live’ version of Conan will be leaving the Middle East for the White House sometime next week!

It is difficult to tell whether Trump deliberately revealed the name of the pooch after previously claiming it was classified or whether it was a slip-of-the-tweet.

Conan’s White House appearance could be the true test of how much the president’s opinion on canines has changed – usually referring only to dogs in order to insult his enemies and previously saying that the idea of himself owning a dog would 'feel a little phony' along with digging at Obama for having a dog.

His shift in opinion appeared to have occurred rapidly during his announcement on Baghdadi’s death, when he referred to Conan as “beautiful” and “talented” mere minutes after stating the “whimpering” Isis leader had “died like a dog”.

Here are a few of the president’s greatest hits, in which he shows impressive creativity in pushing the animal to its limits in the way it can be used to insult presidential opponents, pundits, and happy-go-lucky acoustic guitarists.

And last but not least…

While Mr Trump's change of heart regarding canines is probably welcome, some questioned how the Vietnam war veteran in the real photo would feel about being replaced with a dog.

But apparently he was cool with it.

People couldn’t help but imagine other scenarios.

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