Anti-LGBT preacher claims God made Trump lose the election because he wasn’t homophobic enough

Anti-LGBT preacher claims God made Trump lose the election because he wasn’t homophobic enough

An anti-LGBTQ+ preacher who is a supporter of Donald Trump has shockingly claimed that the former president was removed from the White House by God because he wasn’t homophobic.

Scott Lively, a Republican preacher from Massachusetts appeared on the Swamp Rangers radio show on Sunday where he made the claim. He hypothesised that God had put Trump in the White House but turned on the president because he didn’t condemn homosexuality

Lively said, “He defied God on a fundamental tenet of the Bible and never repented of it. If Donald Trump was, as I believe, God’s man in the White House for four years, why did God not preserve it? Because if God had given him favour, nothing that mankind could have done could have removed him from that office. And yet the one thing that he did during that time that would virtually guarantee God’s favour being removed was to put his own personal stamp of approval on behaviour that God condemns in the harshest possible terms in the Bible, which is specifically male homosexuality.”

He also pointed towards the appointment of Richard Grenell, Trump’s former acting director of national security, which made him the first openly gay US cabinet member at that level. Lively added, “Trump fully endorsed and backed and applauded [Richard] Grenell [who] was an outspoken advocate for the central doctrine of the progressive movement, which is queer theory.”

In a blog post that Lively shared on Sunday, he encouraged Trump to ‘apologise for defying God.’ He also claimed that Ivanka Trump had been “seduced by the allure of ’Queer Theory’ pop-culture propaganda in all of its insidious forms.”

Right Wing Watch report that Lively had hoped that Trump would use his presidency to introduce anti-gay laws in the United States, similar to those seen in Russia. 

Although Trump did help promote certain LGBTQ+ individuals he could hardly be classed as an ally to the community introducing policies such as banning trans people from serving in the military. One of Joe Biden’s first acts as president was to roll back these examples of anti-LGBTQ+ agendas that had been enforced by Trump.  

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