Trump mocked because half of the 'keynote speakers' at the RNC are members of his family

Trump mocked because half of the 'keynote speakers' at the RNC are members of his family
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The Republican National Convention is happening very soon – and Trump and his family are planning on taking up a lot of space at the event.

Tommy Vietor (who used to work in the Obama administration) pointed out that six of the twelve names who will be speaking at the Republic National Convention had the last name Trump.

Trump himself is obviously speaking – and his wife Melania would be expected to make a speech too, particularly as the RNC will be doubling as a campaigning ground for the November 2020 election.

But that means that there are still four other Trumps – Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric and Tiffany, all of whom are his children – who will be taking up a role as the key speakers.

It is par for the course in the Trump administration, which has long tested the boundaries of mixing politics, business and family. After all, all three of Trump’s children from his first marriage are employed or work for Trump in some capacity.

People also pointed out that it was a little suspicious that TIffany would be speaking at the RNC – given the fact that she’s 26 year old law student, and barely makes regular appearances at Trump events.

But even House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – also one of the 12 key speakers at the RNC – went on Fox News to discuss how he thought it was wrong that a politician should be involved in their children’s professional life at all, obviously forgetting that Trump made no secret of how his children benefited from his role as the president.

Earlier this year, Don Jr and Eric criticised Joe Biden for potentially giving his son Hunter a job. But perhaps they should look in the mirror first?

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