Trump mocked after the White House uses advent calendar to promote Hanukkah

Sunday evening saw the start of the traditional Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and to mark the occasion the White House shared a trivia question on their Twitter account.

That's right someone within Donald Trump's team of staffers posed a question to the masses about religion. There is only one way this could go, right?

The question was:

Who was the first president to observe Hanukkah by lighting the National Menorah in a ceremony in Lafayette Park?

It sounds simple enough and is resoundingly unoffensive, which must be a first for Trump. Except they did manage to make it offensive.

To find out the answer to the question (which is Jimmy Carter for anyone interested), you had to click on a link that sends you to a virtual advent calendar.

Now, we're no experts on religion but the last time we checked an advent calendar was associated with the Christian holiday of Christmas and has nothing to do with Hanukkah.

Of course, people soon picked up on this error and were more than happy to mock Trump and the White House for making such an outrageous mistake.

HT Daily Dot

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