Concerns have been raised for Donald Trump after the president appeared to slur his words at the start of a White House press briefing on Monday.

The president had not held any coronavirus task force press briefings since Thursday, when he was ridiculed after saying that 'UV light and disinfectants' could cure Covid-19, in a widely debunked claim.

Trump did decide to keep his promise of a special briefing with industry executives, updating them on the White House's response to the pandemic.

However, before it began, in a "hot mic" moment, cameras picked up a moment where the president appeared to say 'I love everybody' or possibly 'hello everybody' but the president's words are so mumbled that it is hard to truly decipher.

After the clip arrived on Twitter, the president was widely ridiculed with many joking about his alleged bleach treatment.

Later, on in a rescheduled press briefing, Trump began by addressing reporters but continued to have trouble reading before eventually finding his stride.

That being said, he did continue to be confused about when the 1918 flu pandemic happened... which wasn't ideal.

It remains to be seen how many more of these special briefings we'll get.

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