Trump calls his response to hurricane that killed 3,000 people 'incredibly successful'

Louis Staples
Wednesday 12 September 2018 08:45

Just when we thought the Trump presidency couldn’t sink any lower, hurricane Donald has put his foot in it again.

As the US braces itself for the arrival of Hurricane Florence this week, president Donald Trump took a moment to reassure people that everything was under control. During a press conference, he even heralded 2017's Hurricane Maria response as an "unsung success".

Hurricane Maria killed almost 3,000 US citizens in Puerto Rico, making it the most deadly hurricane ever recorded in the US. Trump’s response to the hurricane was widely criticised at the time. By almost all accounts, it was anything but “tremendous”.

Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, was thoroughly unimpressed with Trump’s remarks.

As was US senator Elizabeth Warren, journalists from across the political spectrum and Puerto Rican citizens.

Some people resorted to mockery.

While others pointed out the stark difference between the death toll of Hurricane Maria and other storms.

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