Trump said that there was 'no impeachment' despite the fact that there definitely was

Last week, Donald Trump became only the third president in history to be impeached after Democrats won a landmark vote in the House of Representatives.

However, less than seven days later, Trump has already reinterpreted history, as according to him there is no impeachment at all.

Speaking at the Turning Point USA student rally in Florida on Saturday evening, the president went off on a rant about the impeachment.

According to Trump:

They had nothing. There is no crime. There's no nothing. Even their people said that there was no crime. 

In fact, there's no impeachment. Their own lawyer said that there's no impeachment. What are we doing here? The world is watching. 

Crazy Nancy. She's crazy. Now she says that there is no case so let's not submit it. That's good right but so unfair. 

Trump may be referring to Pelosi's reluctance to submit the vote to the Republican-controlled Senate knowing full well that it is likely to get voted down.

That being said, Trump's claim that there is no impeachment is a bit far-fetched as he definitely did get impeached but is unlikely to get ousted from the White House. Still, it's not like Trump to be flagrant with the facts...

The president's bizarre claim has rightly been mocked on Twitter for basically being nothing short of ridiculous.

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