On the eve of an impeachment vote against Donald Trump, the president has penned a furious letter to the speaker of the house, Nancy Peolsi, accusing her and the Democrats of being fraudulent.

Over six pages, the president rants and raves comparing the treatment he has received to the witchcraft trials of the 17 century, accused them of viewing democracy as an 'enemy' and said that Pelosi was offending Americans of faith because she continuously said 'I pray for the president.'

This unbelievable attack on his opponents on the eve of what could be the most significant moment of his presidency to date is hardly an unprecedented move from Trump, whose ability to consistently act in the most unpresidential way possible should no longer be a shock to us.

The letter, which is almost definitely a distraction tactic from Trump, has become a major news story and people aren't impressed with what the commander in chief is up to.

However, we can always rely on the internet to make a depressing situation amusing and the people have come together to create some quite frankly brilliant memes of what they think the president's letter to Pelosi should have looked like.

In response, we should probably point out that Nancy Pelosi's letter to the Democratic Caucus, ahead of the impeachment vote, is everything that's Trump letter is not.

The impeachment vote is due to start at 3pm UK time, with the House set to debate for at least six hours before casting their votes.

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