Trump Jr leaves people speechless with bizarre post about 'injecting liberals with Trump's blood'

Trump Jr leaves people speechless with bizarre post about 'injecting liberals with Trump's blood'

It has been less than a week since Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 but the absurdity of the situation has shown no sign of quietening down.

The president returned to the White House on Monday evening after being allowed to leave the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre in Maryland and made a point of tearing off his mask on the Truman Balcony of the White House despite still reporting having the virus.

Judging by his recent output on Twitter, the president is feeling more like himself, leading to some, mainly his eldest son, suggesting that Trump's DNA is somehow the cure that the world needs in the battle against coronavirus.

Donald Trump Jr is well known for sharing bizarre memes about his father on Instagram but its never entirely obvious how seriously he is taking some of these gags about his dad. Well, we certainly hope he isn't taking his latest meme seriously.

The meme seems to be taking a pop at critics of Trump and American liberals who would surely shudder at the thought of having part of the president in the biological make-up, although those who have recovered from Covid are being encouraged to donate their plasma. The woman in the picture also appears to be the person who let out a now famous cry of anguish when Trump was sworn in as president back in 2017.

As you can imagine the bizarreness of the meme has earned Trump Jr some ridicule on social media.

That being said, some people have been promoting the idea that the president's plasma could wind up being the cure.

Although it does sound like something from a science-fiction novel its unlikely that anything like this would happen and we're still not sure if Trump is out of the woods when it comes to coronavirus, with another top adviser, Stephen Miller also testing positive, with experts also branding Trump a 'superspreader.'

Trump has boasted that he might be 'immune' to coronavirus but Joe Biden said that he will only take part in the second presidential debate if scientists confirm it is safe.

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