Donald Trump Jr shares Pornhub meme of his dad that admits he's orange

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Since Donald Trump's inauguration in 2016, his eldest son Donald Trump Jr has proved himself to be a bit of a fan of posting on the social media platform Instagram.

He regularly shares right-wing memes that support his dad, acts as proponents for MAGA-mania, and generally fills his time spreading the often controversial views of the Trump administration. Fantastic!

This time, however, he's taken to his Instagram story to share a rather, erm... off-putting meme in which he appears to admit that his dad is bright orange.

In the post, alongside a number of laughing emojis, he wrote:

I had to...

And then, a screenshot of a Pornhub-style meme:

(Someecards / Instagram )

Erm, we don't know where to start.

The painfully awkward meme comes just days after Trump Jr had a total field day on his Instagram with the Mueller report:

He even quote tweeted his sister, Ivanka about it

HT Someecards

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