Trump ripped off his mask as he waved to the cameras outside the White House on his return from hospital.

People are horrified by the president's apparent indifference to coronavirus. Not only has he repeatedly downplayed it on a national scale, but now that it's affected him personally, he seems to be taking more and more reckless risks.

Having already faced backlash for leaving the Walter Reed Medical Centre to drive-by his supporters, Trump has caused outrage by removing his face mask shortly after being discharged and urging people not to let coronavirus "dominate" them.

Standing on the White House's South Portico, he said:

Don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it. I’m better, and maybe I’m immune I don’t know. Get out there. Be careful.

He then removed his mask after ascending the steps.

People were angry that he could be putting others at risk by removing his mask.

The internet watched in horror and bemusement as Trump tried to convince us that he's back to business as usual.

They weren't too impressed by his speech, either.

Because Trump has a duty to set an example.

But instead behaved "recklessly".

If this was supposed to be a show of strength, it certainly backfired.

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