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Yet again, the president of the United States decided that it was a good idea to serve up a platter of junk food for visitors to the White House, but this time he's done it for a female basketball team.

The Baylor University Lady Bears, the championship-winning athletes who visited the White House Monday and took home their third national title with an 81-82 win over Notre Dame in this year's N.C.A.A. final, were the first women's championship team ever to be welcomed to the Oval Office by Mr. Trump, reports the New York Times.

So, what did the president of the United States think was appropriate food to lay on for the talented college-level sportswomen?

Wendy's and Whoppers, that's what.

Needless to say, a photograph of the Women's team captain Kim Mulkey looking somewhat unimpressed when she noticed the junk food quickly went viral after it was posted to social media.

Some thought her expression was representative of the wider American population's opinions of the president.

Others thought the food choice was rather strange for a group of top-level athletes.

The odd person thought that the sportswomen should have been more appreciative of the meal.

While others thought the image summed up the current presidency well.

This isn't the first time the president has served up a meal of junk food to elite athletes visiting the White House. In January, he served up a platter of Wendy's burgers and chicken nuggets, McDonald's, Domino's pizza, and some salad to the College Football National Champions, the Clemson Tigers.

Ahead of their arrival, the president told reporters he was sure it was:

Their favourite food.

This whole obsession shouldn't come as a surprise, as Trump is a well-known fan of fast food, generally preferring chains such as McDonald's over local DC burger joints, while famously steering clear of alcohol, reports Cheatsheet.


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