The US government shutdown, now the longest in history, has led to some odd things happening, but we never thought we'd see the day when the president was serving fast food in the White House.

On Monday evening, Donald Trump-hosted the recently crowned College Football National Champions, the Clemson Tigers, who were probably delighted to be visiting the most famous house in America.

These top athletes were probably hoping for a slap-up meal and the finest of dining. What they got was probably something that they purchase at least once a week themselves on their way home from practice.

As there are no federal chefs available due to the shutdown, the president ordered in a huge amount of McDonald's, Wendy's burgers and chicken nuggets, Domino's pizza and some salad.

Ahead of their arrival, Trump told the press that he was sure that this was "their favourite food".

Shortly before they arrived, Trump explained to reporters that it was "great American food" and he was interested to see how much would be left by the end of the evening.

I like it all. I like it all. It’s all good stuff, great American food. And it’s going to be very interesting to see at the end of this evening how many are left.

I bet you as much food as we have... we have pizzas, we 300 hamburgers, many, many French fries, I wanna see how much is left when we leave because I don't think there will be much.

Trump then went on to explain why they were forced to do this before re-emphasising the need for a border wall (he never misses an opportunity to plug the wall).

The reason we did this was because of the shutdown. We want to make sure that everything is right. So we set out and got this. We have some wonderful people working at the White House that helped us out with this.

I must say that the Republicans are really, really sticking together, it's great to see. We have to have border security. We need to have it.  We have to have it. No doubt about it.

It should have happened 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago and it's gonna happen now.

We're not really sure how we got to this point, where the most powerful man in the world is standing in front of a candlelit table of Filet-O-Fish and talking about how great it is, but we are here and this is a thing that actually happened.

As you can imagine, the internet couldn't get enough of this and the jokes began to flood in like a spilled supersize cup of coke.

What would Honest Abe think?

There were plenty of references to The Simpsons iconic Steamed Hams sketch.

We're sure the team, the staff and nutritionists were delighted with the spread that they received, which was probably lukewarm by the time they tucked in.

This really shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone, as Trump is well-known advocate of fast food and has been known to consume it like it's going out of fashion.

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