9 of Donald Trump's weirdest habits

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Donald Trump is a man who has many skills and eccentricities, but some his day-to-day habits are truly remarkable.

We all have our own idiosyncratic things that we do around the house, but some of the things Trump gets up to are a little weirder than the way you choose to eat a Jaffa Cake for instance.

The controversial 71-year-old is nearing one year as President and publications and journalists have picked up on a number of odd things he gets up to.

Here is a list of a few of them and no, we haven't included any of the strange things he has posted on Twitter.

Don't touch the TV remotes

According to the New York Times, Trump is very precious about who touches the television remotes in the White House.

Only himself and his technical support staff can use the devices but screens are reportedly permanently fixed his favourite channels, like Fox News.

Even during meetings the televisions are said to be kept on but placed on mute so that Trump can keep an eye on the headlines.

Anything that he misses, he later catches up on using what he likes to call "Super Tivo."

Lots of Diet Coke

One of the more recent revelations about Trump's activities is his diet, which really isn't anything to admire.

The New York Times claims that The President can consume as many as 12 cans of Diet Coke a day.

He apparently has a special button on his desk to summon the beverage and some people worry it's playing havoc with his health.

Rearranging objects

Earlier this year a video of Trump rearranging his own objects and those of others in meetings went viral on Twitter.

Be it costers, pieces of paper or drinks everything must be in its place it seems.

Some speculated it was a form of OCD, but other observant people thought it might have something to do with his many years on television.

He's obsessed with hygiene

Mr Trump has said that he is a "germophobe" and a stickler for hygiene. In one of his own books The Art of the Comeback he says that he tries to wash his hands as much as possible to avoid catching any illness.

He is so paranoid of catching anything nasty that he tries to avoid shaking hands, won't press the ground floor button in a lift and will eat pizza with a knife and fork, according to a report by


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Not being in the headlines

As you have probably noticed by now, Mr Trump is very comfortable being the centre of attention.

When he is not in the headlines, however, that is apparently a great cause for concern. The New York Times reported:

One former top adviser said Mr. Trump grew uncomfortable after two or three days of peace and could not handle watching the news without seeing himself on it.

He enjoys food that isn't particularly healthy

We're all guilty of this one.

Mr Trump doesn't indulge in alcohol, cigarettes or coffee but he does enjoy fast food, washed down with Diet Coke.

This includes McDonald's, KFC, potato chips, Oreos and pretzels.

According to the NYT, White House dinners often include well-done steaks, salads smothered in Roquefort dressing and bacon pieces, gravy and a dessert with an extra scoop of ice cream.

His hair

Trump probably has the most famous haircut on the planet right now and he enjoys keeping it neat and intact.

During a rally in 2016, he complained about the declining standards in hairspray.

And during a Vanity Fair photo shoot, it is reported thathe once asked to be cut out of a cashmere sweater to avoid messing up his barnet.

Showing guests the White House bathrooms

Mr Trump reportedly likes to make a habit of showing his guests around his new home and always makes a point of showing them the bathroom.

The Lincoln Bedroom and the Truman Balcony are said to be regular stops with the Times adding:

[Trump has] an odd affinity for showing off bathrooms, including one he renovated near the Oval Office.

Just a few hours sleep a night

Being the President is a very time-consuming job, which means Mr Trump doesn't have much time to sleep.

It is said that he gets by on just five or six hours sleep a night after working a 16-hour day.

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