Donald Trump regresa a Florida antes de la inauguración de Joe Biden

Melania and Donald Trump

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As Donald Trump left Washington for the last time as president, his return to his golf resort in Florida has not been very well-received.

According to Laurence Leamer, the author of a book on the resort, the atmosphere at Mar-a-Lago has been “dispirited” since Trump’s return.

Leamer told MSNBC, "I've talked to a bunch of people the last couple of days,” adding, “a lot of people have quit Mar-a-Lago."

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Palm Beach, Florida became the primary residence for Donald and Melania in September 2019.

It’s a private membership club, but according to Leamer, many of the wealthy members are choosing to leave because of the fear that they may be featured in the media articles.

For Leamer, the declining popularity of its owner Donald Trump has also seen members stay away, saying:

"They don't want anything to do with Donald Trump. Many of the members, they're not going there very often because it's a very dispirited place," adding “It's a sad place for Trump to be hanging out. It's not what it was.”

Despite a membership there costing $200,000, Leamer claims “they're walking away from him [Trump]. Even here, people don't like him.”

On top of that, reports by The Washington Post suggest neighbours are pursuing legal routes to stop the former president from taking up permanent residence at Mar-a-Lago.

Writing to the US Secret Service and Palm Beach authorities, the neighbours’ secret letter suggested Trump cannot legally live at Mar-a-Lago full time.

Well it’s certainly clear where he’s not wanted.

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