Trump and Republicans slammed for 'disgusting' attempt to profit from Memorial Day merchandise
ALEX EDELMAN / Getty Images

People are slamming a "disgusting" attempt to by the Republican National Committee to profit from Memorial Day.

The RNC promoted an offer on Trump Campaign merchandise including MAGA hats and #YouAintBlack t-shirts in honour of the US federal holiday.

Memorial Day is a day to commemorate people who have died whilst serving in the United States Armed Forces.

The RNC is responsible for fundraising for the Republican Party, as well as running election campaigns.

The committee is also selling $30 Memorial Day t-shirts depicting a Republican elephant and the words "Keep America Great".

The "grotesque" sale has been widely criticised on social media.

The RNC have been accused of "profiteering" on a day of commemoration.

People suggested some alternative merchandise to sell, given Trump's own history with the military.

Trump commented in 2015 that John McCain isn't a "war hero" because he likes people who "weren't captured".

People were shocked by how tasteless the promotion is.

There are respectful ways to mark Memorial Day...

...but selling cut-price MAGA hats is not one of them.

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