Watch Trump nonsensically brag about all the TVs on his jet for 15 seconds straight

At an Ohio campaign rally on Monday evening, Donald Trump seemed weirdly obsessed with the number of televisions on his private aircraft.

“It’s got more televisions than any plane in history!” he said admiringly about Air Force One, seemingly out of no where.

His addiction to television doesn’t really come as a surprise considering his reality show The Apprentice as well as his reportedly watching seven hours of TV per day.

“They’ve got televisions in closets, in bathroom, on the floor, on the ceilings,” he said, before immediately switching gears to discuss the "fake" Ohio polls.

According to TheNew York Times, Trump has a “morning marathon” of TV-watching each day. He watches “Fox News, then CNN, with a dollop of MSNBC thrown in for rage viewing,” the Times reported in April.

Trump fought back against this notion later on in July when he made the claim that he doesn't really watch TV in an interview with the Times.

"I don't watch very much TV. Nobody knows what I do," Trump said. "I work very long hours, actually, very long hours, probably longer than just about anybody. And I think more importantly, I think I work effectively."

Even so, it is clear Trump spends a fair bit of time watching TV as he consistently retweets clips Fox News and repeats its talking points.

Perhaps the reason why having televisions all over the walls of his plane is exciting and useful for him.

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