Trump is officially withdrawing from the Paris Agreement and everyone's pointing out why it’s a terrible idea

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Tuesday 05 November 2019 10:15

The US has formally announced it is formally pulling out of a global pact to avoid environmental disaster in a tweet. Because no big deal, right?

As per Donald Trump's climate-denialist campaign promise, secretary of state Mike Pompeo began the official process of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement on Monday.

People were understandably confused by the second half of the tweet, which claims the US is "proud of our record as a world leader in reducing emissions".

Yet the move will make it the only country on the planet to not commit to further reductions.

People had lots of thoughts on why this is an absolutely disastrous idea.

Some pointed out that it's peak isolationism, sacrificing the literal future of the planet just to avoid being part of an agreement with the rest of the world.

It also sets a disastrous example. Given that one of Trump's reasons for leaving was that it gives big polluters like China an unfair advantage, it seems like he's missed the point that rescinding on the agreement only makes it more likely others will do the same.

Even from a purely selfish standpoint, abandoning the Paris Agreement doesn't make sense for the US, which is also living with the consequences of climate change.

Although those who are already at socioeconomic disadvantage will feel the effects so much harder.

Meanwhile businesses and individual territories across the US are still planning to uphold the agreement, so there is a glimmer of hope...

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