Trump just responded to Nancy Pelosi calling him ‘obese’ by saying she has ‘mental problems’

Trump just responded to Nancy Pelosi calling him ‘obese’ by saying she has ‘mental problems’

It's been a strange 24 hours aboard the Trump train.

First there was the president's startling revelation that he's been taking unproven malaria drug hydroxychloroquine "for weeks" as a coronavirus "prevention" method.

Then there was the many (many) warnings from medical professionals (and even Fox News) not to do this.

Trump has been mentioning this drug as a potential treatment for weeks, and is even rumoured to have financial ties to the companies who make it.

Now he's apparently "heard some good stories" about it (which presumably don't include the man who died taking it because he heard Trump mention it) so he's giving it a go.

In response, his political opponent Nancy Pelosi said that she was concerned because the president is "morbidly obese".


(Though it's worth noting Trump has a long, long history of mocking peoples' appearances, so maybe it's karma?)

Pelosi was criticised for "fat shaming" the president, and *just* when it looked like the president was about to rise above something he's responded by saying she has "mental problems".

How low can US politics go?

Trump told reporters on Capitol Hill:

These are sick people. Nancy Pelosi is a very sick woman, she has a lot of problems, a lot of mental problems.

I don't respond to her.

She's a waste of time.

It's certainly concerning that the president is taking an unproven drug, what with him being the most powerful man in the world and all.

But it's also concerning that these two powerful people seem to be all too happy taking jabs at each other's health. Can we all agree that health trolling, be it mental or physical, isn't OK?

Maybe Trump should lay off the insults. Anyway, doesn't he have bleach to be injecting?

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