Trump has Twitter meltdown after Fox host says hydroxychloroquine 'will kill you'

Trump has Twitter meltdown after Fox host says hydroxychloroquine 'will kill you'

Another day, another completely bonkers quote from Donald Trump that truly beggars belief.

While speaking to the press on Monday, the president claimed that he had been taking the unproven malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which he had said just weeks ago is a form of medication to combat coronavirus.

The drug, which has been around for 40 years is unproven as an effective treatment of prevention against Covid-19 and has potentially lethal side effects.

Trump's shocking admission even prompted Fox News's Neil Cavuto to slam the president for even suggesting that he had taken the drug.

You know he's done something wrong when even his favourite news network is telling him that the drug will kill him.

Rather than come up with some eloquent response and intelligently detail why he had decided to take the medication, Trump did what he does best and had a Twitter meltdown, retweeting several random accounts criticism of Cavuto. These are the tweets that Trump shared:

A typical day on social media for the POTUS but the last retweet isn't exactly complimentary of the president or his friends on Fox. The Hoarse Whisperer is a noted critic of the president and his administration so the fact that the president shared one of that account's tweets was slightly eyebrow-raising, especially to the person who runs that account...

Trump did eventually say something about Cavuto and Fox, complaining that the network wasn't the same anymore and adding that it has 'far more anti-Trump people than ever before'.

Just a quick reminder that there is no known vaccine or medication for coronavirus at this time and you should definitely not take hydroxychloroquine.

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