Outrage as Trump's new press secretary tries to control what people call the president

The brand new White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s attempt to call out a journalist for referring to Donald Trump as “Trump” on Monday backfired after it turned out she had done the same thing.

McEnany — who replaced Stephanie Grisham earlier this month and is the fourth press secretary under the Trump administration — quoted a tweet from ABC White House journalist Katherine Faulders, complaining that Faulders referred to the president by name: “To you, he’s not Trump, he’s PRESIDENT Trump!”

The tweet noted the president’s claim that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan “didn’t really understand” the federal testing capacity, despite evidence to the contrary.

The social media backlash was quick and furious. Political commentator Brian Tyler Cohen replied, “You called the last president ‘son.’ So maybe sit this one out.”

Another user referenced a tweet from McEnany in 2019 and said, “To you, he's not Biden. He's FORMER VICE PRESIDENT Biden! Have several seats, Kayleigh.”

People pointed out that in the Land of the Free, we should be free to call people whatever we want.

Others joked, “that's IMPEACHED PRESIDENT Trump” and “I will always think of him fondly as Individual 1.”

This is not the first time critics have mocked McEnany is her first two weeks in the job, and perhaps won't be the last.

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