Trump protests: 13 ways people in the UK showed just what they think of Trump

Jack Webb@JackWebb92
Friday 13 July 2018 11:30

President Donald Trump has landed and true to the English spirit, we've all been coldly dismissive of him.

Call it prejudice from the days of the colonies or just that for the most part people don't like Trump and the things he represents, the UK has not welcomed Trump as well as he might've expected.

Before heading to England Trump was recorded saying that:

They like me a lot in the UK.

In retrospect this comment could've been a trifle optimistic considering the response he's received not just today but in the months leading up to the visit.

Trump's visit has been met with thousands of protestors in London, a beautiful blimp of baby Trump and a crop circle which pretty much summed up a lot of people's feelings towards it.

England is in a truly fragile place at the moment given some recently heartbreaking and shocking news; of course referring to England's loss at the World Cup.

The people of England have come out in full force to tell Trump how much they truly, dearly and deeply hate him with a burning passion:

Still think you're wanted here, Mr Trump?

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