Horrifying montage cuts together more than 30 years of Trump's most racist comments

Horrifying montage cuts together more than 30 years of Trump's most racist comments

MSNBC has aired a damning compilation of all of president Trump's most racist remarks that were filmed or recorded dating back to 1989.

The 80-second clip was broadcast by journalist Ari Melber during Wednesday's edition of The Beat and is another shocking example of Trump's bigotry.

The clip starts back in 1989 with Trump launching an attack on the 'Central Park Five' – a group of five young black men who were falsely convicted of the rape and murder of a woman who was jogging in Central Park.

Speaking to CNN at the time he said:

Let's all hate these people because maybe hate is what we need.

Trump has refused to issue an apology to the men, even after they were exonerated.

The montage then fast forwards to more recent comments by the president such as spreading birther conspiracies about Barack Obama, Islamophobia, refusing to condemn the Ku Klu Klan's David Duke, disparaging district judge Gonzalo Curiel as 'Mexican,' encouraging police brutality, refusing to condemn members of the far-right after the scenes of violence in Charlottesville,referring to Haiti, El Salvador and parts of Africa as 's**thole countries' and telling foreign-born congresswomen to 'go back to where they came from.'

The clip ends on his niece, Mary Trump, confirming that she has heard the president use the n-word and a very recent clip, from the first presidential debate with Joe Biden, where he told the right-wing group, the Proud Boys, who are suspected of causing violence in several states this year, to "stand down and stand by."

There are many, many more examples of Trump's racism that could have been included in the video, from his repeated use of 'China virus' to consistently referring to Elizabeth Warren as 'Pocahontas' because of her Native American heritage but to see so much racism from one man, especially the president, distilled into less than 90 seconds is alarming.

Trump has recently been trying to win over Hispanic voters at his rallies and has long championed that he has been the best president for Black Americans since Abraham Lincoln. However, polls still continue to show that Trump is behind Joe Biden in many key swing states which are likely to decide next week's election.

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