Trump said that bigotry can be confronted 'quickly and easily' just hours after using a racial slur

Trump said that bigotry can be confronted 'quickly and easily' just hours after using a racial slur

On Thursday, at a conservative event in Dallas, Texas, Donald Trump praised the efforts by law enforcement to quash the Black Lives Matter protests and claimed that confronting bigotry can be done "quickly and easily."

Speaking at what the Washington Post called a 'predominantly white church' on Thursday afternoon, Trump praised the National Guard for dealing with protestors in Minneapolis, following the killing of George Floyd by a police officer.

In his opening statement, the president said:

I’ll never forget. You saw the scene on that road … they were lined up. Man, they just walked straight. And yes, there was some tear gas and probably some other things. 

And the crowd dispersed and they went through. By the end of that evening, and it was a short evening, everything was fine.

Although Trump did not directly mention Floyd by name or any of the other unarmed black people that have been killed in the United States he did believe that bigotry and prejudice 'will go quickly and it’ll go very easily' when confronted but didn't offer any explanation as to how he or anyone else would do that, before adding:

We’ll make no progress and heal no wounds by falsely labelling tens of millions of decent Americans as racist or bigots.

Trump seems to have forgotten that people have been confronting 'bigotry and prejudice' in his country for centuries and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere fast.

It definitely won't be going anywhere when even the president continues to use slurs when referring to other politicians which is exactly what he did just hours before giving this speech.

In a fresh outburst at Democrat Elizabeth Warren, a politician who is of Native American descent, Trump referred to her as 'Pocahontas' an insult he has routinely used against Warren, as he doubts her ancestry as a Native American.

Trump's attack on Warren came after she introduced an amendment to have US military bases that are named after Confederate generals who fought to preserve slavery in the American Civil War to be renamed.

Trump is refusing to back down on this issue, with his press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claiming it would be an 'insult' to change the names of the bases.

Regardless of his statement on confronting bigotry, his quite frankly racist remarks towards Warren would seemingly indicate that he is not interested in confronting bigotry at all and people were happy to remind him of that.

Trump did add that he is working on an executive order to make sure that police departments throughout the US "meet the most current professional standards for the use of force, including tactics for de-escalation" before criticising the growing calls to have police defunded.

He said:

We have to respect our police. We have to take care of our police. They’re protecting us. And if they’re allowed to do their job, they’ll do a great job.

And you always have a bad apple. No matter where you go, you have bad apples and there not too many of them.

Hmmm. OK.

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