Strange moment sees Trump tell rally 'they was no way I was coming here' before complaining about the weather

Strange moment sees Trump tell rally 'they was no way I was coming here' before complaining about the weather

Donald Trump held another campaign speech on Tuesday night, this time speaking to his supporters in Erie, Pennsylvania.

In was another typically bizarre performance from the president who has now been holding daily rallies across the country for more than a week. There has been little to no sign of social distancing or mandatory face masks at these events.

Trump's speech wasn't much longer than an hour in length, which is considerably shorter than his usual speeches which tend to last more than 90 minutes.

Trump's explanation for this was that he was cold but not before he told them that he wasn't planning to come there in the first place until the pandemic arrived.

Four or five months ago when we started this whole thing, because you know, before the plague came in, I had it made.

I wasn’t coming to Erie. I mean, I have to be honest, there was no way I was coming. I didn’t have to. I would’ve called you and said, 'Hey, Erie. You know, if you have a chance, get out and vote.' 

We had this thing won. We were so far up. We had the greatest economy ever, greatest jobs, greatest everything. And then we got hit with the plague and I had to go back to work. Hello, Erie, may I please have your vote? Right?

Moments later Trump added:

And in conclusion, we’ll make it a little shorter, it’s like about 40 degrees. I don’t want people … I don’t want to lose anybody, you got to go vote. So, got to go a little shorter because you got to go home. And I see, even Mike he’s so brave, he’s had to freeze his ass off, off camera. He said, 'Okay, look, I proved my point. Let’s say, President, let’s get me the hell out of here.'

This rather frank admittance from the president and apparent dismissal of the importance of the people of Erie, a city of 96,000 people left those in attendance a little confused as to how they should react.

Elsewhere, people were a little perplexed as to why Trump would say something like this just weeks before the election.

Pennsylvania was a key swing state that helped Trump win the electoral college in 2016 and hand him the presidency.

Trump won 48.18 per cent of the vote over Hillary Clinton four years ago, which was seen as an upset as many polls had considered it a tossup or lean Democrat before polling day.

Once again, this year polls in the state are tending to favour Joe Biden, with polls showing that the majority of key states are currently favouring Biden. Clinton was considered to have a favourable lead in 2016 and we all know what happened there...

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