A list of very awkward and rude things Trump has said about the Royal Family

A list of very awkward and rude things Trump has said about the Royal Family

Donald Trump is known for his extremely bizarre history of tweets and statements about just about everyone.

And the billionaire-turned-reality-star-turned-president has said some odd things about members of the Royal Family in the past.

We all remember the very awkward moment when Trump appeared to ignore the Queen while walking alongside her on his first state visit in 2017.

But as Americans learn more about the history of the royals while watching The Crown – the highly dramatised Netflix version of their lives – it's worth remembering what the American head of state has said about the British head of state's family.

1. Kate Middleton

Trump found it necessary to shame the future Queen after photographed of her sunbathing nude were printed in French publications in 2012.

He even appeared to blame her, rather than the person who took the photos from miles away.

2. The Queen

Trump used the Queen to make a dig at Obama back in 2012.

But did he?

If you were wondering, yes he did give the Queen an iPod... But it was full of Broadway tunes and a songbook for The King and I.

Apparently, Her Majesty was 'delighted'.

So this seems like fake news.

3. Princess Diana

Trump once boasted in an interview with Howard Stern, recorded just months after the Princess's death in 1997, that he "probably" could have "nailed" her if he'd wanted to. Right.

He also told Stern that he thought she was "crazy" but that was a "minor detail".

Not very respectful, to say the least.

4. Meghan Markle

This year Trump said he's "not a fan of hers" when discussing Meghan Markle. This came after the Duchess recorded a video alongside prince Harry urging Americans to "reject hate speech", which he apparently took as a dig about him.

Well, he said it...

5. Prince Andrew

Trump claimed not to know prince Andrew after the royal came under scrutiny for his one-time close friendship with disgraced paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and accused sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell.

(He's probably forgotten about all these pictures of the pair together then, right?)

Bit rude, Donald.

Trump looks set to be leaving the White House soon. And if this list is anything to go by, they won't miss him all that much.

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