Sarah Sanders announced Trump's 'national emergency' using the iPhone Notes app

Sarah Sanders announced Trump's 'national emergency' using the iPhone Notes app

All iPhone and Apple users will be very familiar with the handy notes app, which is a quick and easy way to jot something down or making a list.

It's unlikely that the creators of the app ever envisioned that it would end up being used to declare a national emergency in the United States of America.

Yet it's 2019, and with the Trump administration you should always expect the unexpected and we can begrudgingly report to you that that exact thing has happened.

On Thursday evening, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that although Trump will sign the government funding bill, he will be declaring border security a national emergency.

Sanders made the announcement on Twitter and, rather than use a letter with an official White House letterhead, she just used notes, like everyone else would have done on a Thursday night while planning their weekend.

She even managed to include a black dot above the 'i' and the 'v' in 'delivering', which is probably a perfect representation of the job that Sanders has done so far

After all, this is a woman who shared a doctored video on Twitter in an attempt to get a journalist banned from the White House.

People immediately noticed what Sanders had done and quite honestly couldn't believe that a phone app would be used to make such an important announcement.

Some reacted with their own jokes and memes.

Let's not forget that the Notes app tends to be used by celebrities apologising for something and not a major piece of national news.

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