Donald Trump is known for many things: his orange hair and walls, to name just two.

But one thing the US president isn’t known for is his ability to put personal differences aside and work together with adversaries for a common goal . In fact, he’s probably the most thin-skinned president America has ever seen.

There’s no greater example of this than his most recent press conference, which he used to, err, pick fights with reporters. At a time when Americans need to see their president calm and resolute, Trump was full of anger towards reporters who were asking him questions about the pandemic.

Yet there was one incredibly petty moment that made all the others look positively grown up.

Bizarrely, Trump was asked a question by his former press secretary, Sean Spicer. You might have seen Spicer dancing the rhumba on Dancing with the Starsin the last year, but now he’s hosting his own news show called Newsmax.

During such a strange time, he’s become the first former White House press secretary to ask a president a question at a news briefing. And not only that, but it’s the president he used to work for.

So how did Trump respond to this awkward turn of events?

By pretending not to know who Spice​r is, of course.

Trump said “yeah, please, you at the back?”, before listening to Spicer’s questions about the behaviour of several elected officials with regards to accusations of “insider trading”.

This might be the pettiest moment of Trump’s presidency so far – and that’s saying something.

As problematic as both the president and Spicer are, it’s quite nice to have a good old-fashioned feud to distract us from the world around us as coronavirus continues to change our lives.

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