This man destroyed Trump's star with a pickaxe and became an instant hero

Photo: Getty Images / Katharine Lotze / Photo: Getty Images / Pool / Olivier Douliery
Photo: Getty Images / Katharine Lotze / Photo: Getty Images / Pool / Olivier Douliery

Despite his claims to the contrary, plenty of people really don’t like Donald Trump.

Countless examples anti-Trump graffiti have been reported all over America, and the UK’s parody ‘Trump Baby’ balloon made international headlines; but one guy took things a step further by destroying the President’s Hollywood star with a pickaxe.

The man responsible for the destruction, 24-year-old Austin Clay, was arrested for vandalism by Beverly Hills police and held on bail of $20,000.

Early reports indicate that Clay reported himself to the authorities but refused to disclose his motives. Private security guards were nearby and clearly saw Clay hack away at the star, but had no power to actually stop him.

The attack was caught on camera by TMZ, but this isn’t the first time the star has been vandalised – over the last two years, Swastikas have been scrawled over his name and piles of dog mess have been left to linger.

In fact, a fellow enemy of the President actually stepped forward to post Clay’s bail; James Otis was jailed for the exact same crime in 2016, and was eventually sentenced to community service and a hefty fine. Clearly sharing Clay’s mission, he volunteered to pay the bail.

Naturally, social media users were already hard at work raising money via GoFundMe to bail out Clay, many of whom hailed him as a hero.

Opportunistic tourists quickly clamoured to scavenge pieces of the rubble, but one Twitter user - @softsadsatan - was quick to point out that coverage of crimes like these distract from the real problems at hand.

In fact, just hours ago it was reported by Politicothat the vast majority of migrant parents deported by Trump were not – as was previously stated – given the option to separate from their child. Plenty more will not be reunited with their families before the agreed deadline.

The constant slew of scandals like these makes it seem increasingly likely that crimes like these will continue – at least until Trump builds a wall around his star.

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