Trump supporter ‘with a gun’ tried to interrupt drag queen reading in a library to children and parents

James ‘Doc’ Green Sr/Facebook

A Trump supporter allegedly trespassed after he entered the Freed-Montrose Library over the weekend after previously being banned from the premises, while a drag queen was reading a story to children.

According to Outsmart Magazine, James ‘Doc’ Greene Sr was told he could not visit the Houston Public Library, including its Montrose location and was “detained, disarmed and escorted out by police” for entering a building and refusing to leave.

Regina Blake-DuBois, the drag queen who was reading there at the time, identified herself and wrote on Twitter:

This was me. A man with a gun tried to get where I was, in a room full of children & parents, just trying to have a fun Saturday afternoon.

I will never forget this monster's face.

A spokesperson for the Houston Police Department said that Greene entered the library in the afternoon approximately 15 minutes before its monthly story time with drag queens, and library staff alerted the police when Greene refused to leave.

He was handcuffed and a concealed weapon was taken in the parking area outside the library.

He complained of chest pains and was taken into the custody of Memorial Hermann. The district attorney is not charging Greene.

Police surrounded Greene inside the library and told him to leave because he was “trespassing.”

“You were given a trespassing warning,” an officer told him.

They have requested you to not be on the property anymore.

Another police officer added that “they have rules in place against filming inside of the building.”

At the end of the clip, Greene apparently told the police officers:

We have a bunch of homosexuals that are molesting children. They are doing it with your help.

Greene, a Trump supporter who regularly delivers homophobic rants on his Facebook page, posted about the incident, writing:

Today I was arrested for being a white Christian, you may think you have freedom in this country because of the constitution but I can assure you that the constitution is no longer in force.

The librarian at the Freed PUBLIC library had me arrested simply because she does not like having a Christian man in the library. They charged me with trespassing. I expect to get out of the hospital later today, this cannot stand, we must fight back.

The drag queen refused to let the event ruin her day, and she revealed that she had read two books based on Alice in Wonderland.

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