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A wise person once said that 'all good things have to come to an end' and on a day like today, that quote feels more relevant than ever.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman both took to Twitter on Thursday to announce that their long-running 'feud' was coming to an end so they could both make adverts for their respective companies.

People were gutted at this announcement and began to share how upset they were that this friendly feud is finally over.

Perhaps this will provide us with the Deadpool and Wolverine crossover that fans have been longing to see.

People soon started to wonder when the adverts would be released and it led to a hilarious series of tweets.

For old times sake lets look back at some of the greatest moments from their feud:

When Ryan trolled Hugh for wishing him 'happy birthday.'

When Ryan trolled Hugh's new movie The Frontrunner and Hugh responded by picking up dog poo with a picture of Ryan.

When Ryan trolled Hugh for taking a picture of an old movie poster.

When Hugh and Jake Gyllenhaal trolled Ryan for wearing a Christmas jumper.

We're sure that this 'feud' isn't over but for now, thanks for the memories, Hugh and Ryan.

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